Museum of Croatian Archeological Monuments / CroatiaMuzeum Archeologiczne / Chorwacja

Museum of Croatian Archeological Monuments / Croatia

Museum of Croatian Archeological Monuments in Split. When I saw it the first time I thought, “oh, they have a cool contemporary buildings here”. Clean building with horizontal glazing, I will never thought that was built in 1976. The project was created in 1968, designed by an architect from Zagreb Mladen Kauzlarić. Exhibit...
Interior #11 / Oh Joy! StudioWnętrze #11 / Oh Joy! Studio

Interior #11 / Oh Joy! Studio

Studio Oh Joy! it is a space that belongs to Joy Cho, American graphic designer and blogger. Studio Oh Joy! designed by Emily Henderson. Nice post-industrial interior transformed into a very friendly and cozy space to work. Studio perfectly reflects the nature of the blog and designer’s work, I invite...
Download calendar 2014Pobierz kalendarz 2014

Download calendar 2014

So today on the occasion of Santa Claus Day (in Poland is today) gift from KUKU – to download calendar 2014, A4 format. Download, print and hang up on the wall. I tried to design as simple as possible calendar, I hope you like it! DOWNLOAD HERE
Motel Trogir / CroatiaMotel Trogir / Chorwacja

Motel Trogir / Croatia

 Motel is a hotel up the road, adapted to travelers who temporarily, for a moment stop there. Position and architecture of such a building is determined by cars. Guests do not need luxury, just a small modest room, a restaurant to be able to rest before continuing their journey. Motel in Trogir was...
Zara MiniZara Mini

Zara Mini

Thus, premiere of tab mini kuku about architecture, design and fashion for small people. Caution because here will be sweet and so nice. Beautiful, small, cute clothes for babies, in the end it came time for me. Below fashion to the little ones from Zara-Zara Collection Mini. Let others learn...
Vitra Haus

Vitra Haus

Huge demand for Vitra furniture caused the need for expansion of the plant. Located in Switzerland then moved its headquarters to the town of Weil am Rein in Germany, reasons were lower costs of maintaining and low price of the plot. In 2004, Vitra expanded its campus by building designed by...
Interior #18 / Geszeft

Interior #18 / Geszeft

As the wife of a Silesian man  I am forced  to show and admire at the shop&café  Geszeft. This is a place where are promoted Silesian brands and designers. Here you can buy a book about Silesia, architecture, view a mini fashion show and enjoy probably a delicious coffee. It always seems to me that in such a nice place coffee is excellent.

Shop website: Geszeft

Interior design: of course Silesian architects Joanna Wołoszyn & Daria Barnaś

Photos: Anna Domańska
Geszeft Katowice 1
Geszeft Katowice 2
Geszeft Katowice 3
Geszeft Katowice 4
Geszeft 5

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Seaman Lighthouse in Split

Seaman Lighthouse in Split

Split Lighthouse 1
Recently in Poland we have more sun than snow, think of that a year ago I was in Split, and there was more sun than … the sun. I miss it very much, so today I have retrieved the archive photos of last year. This view can be seen from the modernist lighthouse. Of course, I am probably one of the few people who like this tower.
Split Lighthouse 2
This beautiful place in Split we found looking for a place to drink beers over the sea. I have no idea why, but the beer under the cliff tastes best in the world! The place is also unique for this reason that you can see how the agaves bloom and it blooms once in a lifetime and more reminiscent a tree than a flower. Supposedly it is a rare phenomenon!
Now something about the lighthouse. It was designed by Ivan Carić in 1958. The concrete tower measures 35.5 meters in height with a 1.8mx4.0m rectangular ground plan, wider part of the lighthouse is perforated by glass round elements. At the top there is a light that has a range of 17 nautical miles. During the night glass elements reflected light from lighthouse, which gives an amazing effect. Probably this illusion was also supported by the Croatian beer …. ;)

Split Lighthouse
Split lighthouse 3
split lighthouse 4
split lighthouse 5
split lighthouse 6
Split lighthouse 7
split lighthouse 9

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Monday inspirations #7

Monday inspirations #7

Happy monday!


source: Pinterest

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Interior #16

Interior #16

Recently I discovered an interesting project The Socialite Family. It allows us to see the apartments of cool families, see how they live, how their children look like, and these children rooms. That is what everyone likes to do best-we look at someone else’s life (this time under the pretext of cool flats);). Today family from Paris  Jacques and Dorothee Monestier, co-founder of My Little Day, Jules (7), and Louison (4).

photo: Melanie Rodriguez

cool family 1
cool family 5
cool family 2
cool family 3
cool family 4
cool family 6
cool family 7
cool family 8
cool family 9
cool family 10

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Wnętrze #15

Wnętrze #15

Two Dutch artists designed and  arranged independently a terraced house in Amsterdam. Raw architecture, concrete floors broken through a good design and lots of flowers.Welcome to the World of Joris Brouwers and Nicky Zwaan.

photo: Jordi Huisman 

source: fvf

Joris Brouwers & Nicky Zwaan house 1
Joris Brouwers & Nicky Zwaan house 2
Joris Brouwers & Nicky Zwaan house 3
Joris Brouwers & Nicky Zwaan house 4
Joris Brouwers & Nicky Zwaan house 5

Joris Brouwers & Nicky Zwaan house 6
Joris Brouwers & Nicky Zwaan house 7
Joris Brouwers & Nicky Zwaan house 8

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